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police evacuated several homes in a san jose neighborhood after a car hit a gas meter at a house near san jose state university. it happened on north tenth street. >> pg&e is on the scene and they have just capped the leak and the people in the three homes that were evacuated are being allowed to return right now. we'll bring you live pictures in just a few moments. >> and the scene of a fatal crash this morning involving a big rig and a ucsf shuttle bus. that happened around 6:20. good morning, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm cheryl jennings.
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one person was killed and three others injured. the crash happened and octavia and oak. nick? >> reporter: good morning, more than four and a half hours after a klilgs disrupted the early morning commute, pa parts of octavia and oak remain closed. >> to be a pedestrian in this area and driving is dangerous. >> an early morning commute turned deadly in san francisco when this 18-wheeler collided with a sum csf shuttle van. >> there was a passenger that was ejected and landed underneath the vehicle and was fatally injured. >> they were headed north on octavia but it's not clear which driver is at fault. >> there is no indication there was any alcohol involved. >> the driver of the 15 passenger vehicle was one of three injured and taken to area hospitals with complaints of pain but no life-threatening injuries. residents of this neighborhood
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are frustrated and say accidents here are common. >> i called city hall, the whole neighborhood has called city hall and no one will listen to us. to change the timing of the lights here. >> we have learned that this is the third collision involving a shuttle bus and a second resulting in a fatality in the last nine months. san francisco supervisor says that in addition to pedestrian safety more needs to be done to protect commuters. >> i think it begs the question how severe this particular incident was and this accident was that for a commuter experience, should we consider seat belts. >> and the investigation into what caused the accident continues. for the latest go to our website at caltrans crews are racing to fix a sinkhole that has the lanes shut down on highway 87.
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far right lane near west virginia street and off-ramp has been closed for eight hours. repairs are taking longer than expected which worries evening commuters. heather ishimaru is live at the scene. >> we are at the virginia light rail station on the virginia overpass looking down on the sinkhole which is southbound 87. workers are digging out gravel and loosened material that a backhoe has been working on the last half-hour. this is just on this one side is the shoulder area that is affected. that is southbound guadalupe parkway as it feeds from 101. on the other side it's more hazardous that is 280 feeder and that is in the fast lane where the sinkhole has appeared. as far as dimensions, chp been
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describing it 30 by 30, by our estimates unless there is something going on underneath the surface, it particular on the fast lane side, 280 feeder. of course, anything involving the fast lane would be a problem no matter what the size of the sinkhole or giant pothole. we don't know from caltrans exactly what their plan is or what might have caused it. it was record at about 3:00 this morning. originally they were targeting noontime for work to be completed and that is not going to be met. now, they are putting it at 3:00 this afternoon, with road work or any type of construction type project it's a moving target. traffic does not appear to be impacted so far.
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hopefully that will continue to be the case into the afternoon hours and they are hoping to have this thing wrapped up and fixed before the real afternoon evening commute. >> oakland police are trying to unravel a mystery. they received several calls about a burning body early morning. amy hollyfield joins us with more. look how lovely this belong is, palm trees and redwood trees. you can imagine the shock of residents when they came out early this morning and found a burning body right there in the street. >> this quiet section of oakland hardly ever hears about any type of crime. residents weren't prepared to hear 'a burning body in the middle of the street. >> what? wow! >> the call came in at 4:40.
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>> a body was found this morning. there is fire injuries to the body. it appears to be a female, we're not sure right now, unknown race and age. >> one investigator says evidence so far suggests the victim is not a rest dewtd of this area. a car was heard leaving the area and the neighborhood has easy access to highway 24. the body koo could have been brought here or dumped here. do not know why this area. >> i'm just shocked. i mean this is a quiet neighborhood. >> this rockridge neighborhood has tree lines and large homes and neighbors that appear to know each other. the nice features of this neighborhood may have made eight target for a place to get rid of a body. it's quiet and the streets are
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very dark at night. this blocks of ivanhoe road appears to be very secure. this street out of all streets has its own protection. the neighbors pay for private security people to go up and down the streets. >> investigators tell me they think they know how the victim was killed. they don't want to say, they don't think it will help their investigation. the coroner says it will take them a while to identify the victim. no arrests have been made. if anyone has information police are hoping they will give them a call. let's go back to breaking news in san jose. you can see apparently under control right now. it was a gas leak a car hit a gas meter near north tenth street. they evacuated several homes between three and five homes.
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pg&e has tapped the gas leak and neighbors have been allowed to return. as you see the neighborhood appears to be open again. pg&e workers appear to be finished. san jose state was not affected by this. >> las vegas police have arrested the girlfriend of giovanni ramirez, the man that was the primary suspect in the beating of giant's fan bryan stow. they called 26-year-old woman a person of interest in the march 31th beating of bryan stow but investigators didn't know where she was until police arrested her lasteek on drug charges. giovanni ramirez has been sent to jail for 10 months in an unrelated parole violation. good news, family says brian opened his mouth on monday when
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a nurse told him she had to take his temperature. morgan hill police say a woman suspected of stealing a car with a baby in the back seat has now turned herself in. she surrendered monday. she told police she was tired of running. store surveillance video captured her on video. investigators believe that both are responsible for stealing a car in a church parking lot with a baby in the back seat. the baby was found safe in salinas. police are still looking for the male suspect believed to be driving a dark blue 1988 toyota camry, license plate is on the screen. >> it's caused outrage among tens of thousands of customers. netflix is trying to explain why it has to lays prices. >> but first, it's a mistrial.
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a judge's harsh words. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco where u.c. regents are inside the building apparently about to approve a 9% tuition and some board of regents are upset. what
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u.c. board of regents regents will soon vote on a left
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if i increase this fall. they warn that other painful marines will have to be taken because of the budget cuts. terry? >> they are considering right now about 9.5 tuition increase, that would object the top the recently approved 8% tuition hike meaning a year at u.c. school is going to cost more than $11,000. take a look at students inside here a short time ago, testifying against the rated hike, they just can't afford it. the university said their hands are tied. the state cut 150 amendment from the budget. u.c. received no moisture. i couldn't give students any warning. it's important to point out that not all students will be paying this higher tuition and many students aren't paying any tuition at all. >> through the blue and gold students, students with families
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are paying $8,000 or less pay no tuition as long as they are eligible. and incomes up to $120,000 don't pay the increase. >> my husband and you are grad students and we're going to have $250,000 in loan. that is model that is not sustainable. we're not alone. there are lot of people just like us. there are undergrads that are following in our footsteps. >> u.c. spokesman says he couldn't agree with that woman anymore. the tuition hike pays for one-quarter of the state funding cuts and the rest will have to come from federal grants and privately and out of state students that pay more tuition. the difference is being there are 73,000 more students than 1973. it's expected to be approved by noon and the entire board this
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afternoon. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." california treasurer says he may have to borrow as much as $5 billion to keep the state sol if the federal government misses the deadline to raise the debt ceiling. they are preparing contingency plans. here is what president obama and congressional leaders will meet again today to try to raise the american debt ceiling. the session ended w after president obama walked out after a heateded exchange with eric cantor. harry reid proclaimed that cantor should not be at the able. >> one republican, we lost a lot of credibility when he walked away from the table. >> it gave us three bad choices,
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taxes, smoke and mirrors or default. >> an agreement has to be reached by august 2nd. if not washington will lack the money to pay the bills and could cause the interest rate the value of the dollar to decline. >> a surprising development in the perjury trial with roger clemens. they declared a mistrial. u.s. district judge said they couldn't be assured a fair trial after prosecutors showed jurors that he ruled out of wounds bounds. it's the second time the prosecutors have gone against against the judge's orders. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> we'll see sunshine a little quicker today. warm temperatures, it looks beautiful in san jose but the warm weather is in the back half of the forecast. how long these cool afternoons and drizzle filled mornings will
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last. >> an unusual one. a baby-sitter, the message restaurants
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>> nominations in a comedy series comedy series are. big bang theory, glee, the
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office, modern family, parks and recreation and 30 rock. >> there you go. the nominees for modern family won last year. it had the most nominations this year with 17. all six of modern family's adult actors were nominated. here is best drama, mad men, boardwalk empire, dexter, friday night-light and the good life. meteorologist mike nicco is in. >> how are you doing? >> i noticed it was cool outside >> take a look outside and even most of us are seeing sunshine faster today we still have flight arrival delays of nearly 2 and a half hours, check out flight tracker at here is a look down from emeryville to san francisco.
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you see some of the stratus clouds that are hanging around from the morning hours. you can see them from the top down instead from underneath and northerly wind that is starting to erase a little bit of cloud cover from the coast. we'll see more sunshine than anyplace else along the coast. let's talk about temperatures that are going to be rather warm next week. we have new clicker here. let me show it to you. i pushed the wrong button. let's move on and we're going wireless so we can move around the studio. here we go with the temperatures upper 50s around oakland, san francisco and fremont. a lot of upper 60s in the rest of our neighborhoods. 59 in monterey but low to mid-50s from the inland areas, gilroy at 66. cool breeze will keep our temperatures well below average with more drizzle than this morning and warming trend begins next weekend.
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today, temperatures about 89 degrees below average in oakland and san francisco. napa, san jose, all double-digits cooler than where we should for july 14th. let's talk about those temperatures, east bay valleys, low to mid-70s most areas. 77 in brentwood for had the low spot. low to upper 60s across the east bay shore, 68 in sunnyvale, 72 in san jose and 74 in los gatos. mid to upper 60s not quite as breeze for the rest of the peninsula. mid to upper 50s along the coast. to 60 in downtown san francisco. north bay valleys, sonoma and napa low to mid-70s and monterey bay, mid to upper 60s. 72 in santa cruz. around the state it's cool just about everywhere compared to average, 80 in sacramento, 71 in tahoe. palm springs at 97. temperatures will be in the 50s
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tonight and more drizzle for tomorrow morning's commute. we'll see a slight increase friday, saturday and sunday. monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures will be back to average 90 inland and low to mid-60s around the coast. here is daily reminder about aids walk this sunday in golden gate park. three days away, call 615-walk or go to >> a pennsylvania restaurant has a new rule starting this weekend no kids under six allowed. they want parents to find a baby-sitter if they are going to dine. they notified customers of the changes. >> chief means of communicating is crying. the kids and should be the center of their universe they are not the center of the universe. >> okay.
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take their business elsewhere. >> this morning, netflix customers dropping their service or complaining about the big new price increase. now, the explanation. industry experts say they miscalculated how many people still want the dvds by mail and paying too much in postage. they are trying to lure customers through online videos by raising the price on the combined mail and streaming description option by $6. the streaming only service is as low as $8 but only select movies are available for streaming.
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coming up at 4:00 and 5:00, why a woman could face jail time by growing a vegetable garden? and a look at the dangerous rip tides. we'll have those stories later today. >> that is going to do it for now. >> enjoy this coolest day. >> still 8-18 degrees below average. >> thanks very much. >> thanks for joining us. >> "who wants to be a
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